ARgon for Email

Clearswift's ARgon for Email enables organizations to enhance their existing infrastructure with award-winning Adaptive Data Loss Prevention functionality. ARgon effectively 'upgrades' existing defenses taking protection against today's evasive phishing, ransomware and confidential data leaks via email to the highest level.

Automatically removing sensitive data and embedded malicious content as it passes in and out of a company network; only the exact content that breaks policy is removed from email attachments, the rest of the communication is delivered unhindered. Malicious macros are prevented from executing and sensitive data is protected from unauthorized exposure across inbound and outbound email.

  • Seamlessly deployed - collaborates with an existing email gateway, no 'rip & replace' required
  • Delivers simultaneous, bi-directional protection - prevents inbound malicious threats and outbound data loss risks
  • Eliminates the pain of ‘stop and block’ - removes only malicious or sensitive data, allows the remaining communication and attachment to continue unhindered

ARgon can be used in environments with no DLP solution or to augment an existing one. In both cases, ARgon removes only malicious macros and sensitive data from both inbound and outbound email attachments, without hindering communication flow. Furthermore, ARgon offers Data Protection Managers complete visibility of data flowing in and out of an organization with comprehensive reports and ‘monitoring’ functionality which are invaluable for compliance programmes, including the EU GDPR . The intelligent solution helps organizations automate security and data protection processes, and central management enables a reduction in administration time; both of these benefits ultimately enabling an increase in operational efficiency.

ARgon for Email – straightforward, Adaptive Data Loss Prevention for everyone.

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