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Featured Upgrades:  Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway and Mimesweeper

It's Free!  Version Upgrades are included at no cost with a current Clearswift Support Contract.

What's New?

Each Clearswift release helps you get ahead of the latest threats and data protection regulations. The current release versions focus their security enhancements around:

              • Advanced Ransomware / Malware Protection: Enhanced layered defense from preventing initial phishing email, drive by downloads or web application attacks by detecting and removing embedded scripts/macros that trigger an attack.
              • GDPR Compliance: New release includes predefined policies, categories and tokens for dealing with GDPR data, such as credit card numbers, bank details, personally identifiable information and a host of other things which will need to be protected.
              • Adaptive DLP: Unparalleled inspection and intelligent policy enforcement that applies a customized level of security (redact, block, or encrypt) based on the content and context information shared – via email, web/cloud, MFT or social media. Unique layer of sanitization and redaction can remove only the confidential data – allowing the rest of the information to be delivered without delay. No false positives. No disruptions.
              • Document Security and Leak Prevention: Enhanced level of real-time inspection, redaction and sanitization of documents before the leave your network. Prevents hidden information and metadata from embarrassing leaks or harvested for future phishing attacks.
              • Office 365 / Gmail for Business Email Security: Migrate your email to the cloud with confidence knowing you have the enterprise strength Email Security, Advanced Threat Protection and Adaptive DLP.
              • Encryption: Enhanced encryption options, whether it is to use inline encryption or portal based.

Migrations made easy.

Clearwift offers seamless upgrades and migrations to new platforms. Our adaptive technology can run alongside your existing technology before you switch it off, enabling you to set up and deploy without any disruption to your day-to-day business operations. 

Our award-winning Technical Support Service operates 24/7 around the globe and is standing by to help with your upgrade. We can also advise on best practices and security policy to ensure you maximize your return on investment.

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